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October 04 2017


when will there be a dating app for astrology where we get matched by natal charts so we don’t have to do that shit MANUALLY

October 03 2017



twilight’s soundtrack didn’t have to go as hard as it did… decode by paramore? supermassive black hole by muse? roslyn by bon iver and st vincent?? breaking my little middle schooler heart despite not once experiencing love? iconic

how dare i forget a classic… eyes on fire by blue foundation as all of the sparkly whites dramatically walked into the lunch room… incredible



I hope everyone is having a fucking day


You know what’s really hot? Not having to guess someone’s feelings or intentions

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Its me

I trust him


I hate that specific brand of male that thinks they’re special because they’re cynical of everything. Example: the other day i met this guy for like two seconds and when i left i was like “have a nice day!” And he goes “don’t say that. I hate cliches.” Like we get it you just watched fight club calm down Tyler Durden


Taking hours just to watch a movie u started hours ago


dua lipa looks like she compliments other girls like she will come up to u and tell you that she loves u and that you have sexy eyelashes n wish u a nice day

October 01 2017

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September 30 2017


When u have a dream about someone giving u all their time and love and then u wake up alone

September 26 2017



billie joe armstrong is like…the definition of chaotic good. a prime example of this is the fact that one time at a green day concert this guy in the pit was harassing a young girl so billie stopped the show to help her. however, his way of doing so was to jump into the audience, dropkick the guy directly in the face, and then fight him in a crowd of screaming fans

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If the gay community doesn’t embrace house music again soon the straights WILL WIN.

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this is me

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September 25 2017

what you girls really need is a soft fuzzy man



an ambient man

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